Lagane and chickpeas

Lagane and chickpeas, an ancient dish of the Lucanian tradition, with hand-prepared pasta, always present in the menu we offer at Dimora dei Cavalieri.
  • Lagane and chickpeas
  • Lagane and chickpeas
  • Lagane and chickpeas
  • Lagane and chickpeas


Durum wheat semolina, eggs, water, chickpeas, extra virgin olive oil; garlic, crumbled bran peppers, parsley, salt.


Prepare a dough with flour, eggs and a little water.
Leave to rest for half an hour and then roll out a half centimeter sheet with a rolling pin. Form strips, folding the pastry, and cut the lagane in an irregular manner.

Meanwhile, cook the chickpeas for about two hours on a low heat, after soaking them overnight in not too cold water. Then fry a few cloves of garlic in extra virgin olive oil and a handful of crumbled bran peppers. Pour everything over the chickpeas and let them flavor for another half hour.

Cook the lagane in salted water, drain leaving a little cooking water and pour into the chickpeas. Add a drizzle of raw oil and serve.