The Grancia Park

At 15 kilometers from the Agriturismo La Dimora dei Cavalieri is located the Grancia Park, close to Brindisi di Montagna and a few kilometers from the Lucanian Dolomites. This is a natural setting of great value that develops along a path through a magnificent forest and opens into a large amphitheater where during the summer it puts on the Cinespettacolo entitled La Storia Bandita.

It is a very impressive performance that traces the events related to the uprisings of peasants known as Lucania and stories of brigandage.
  • Parco della Grancia
  • Cinespettacolo della Grancia: La Storia Bandita
  • Cinespettacolo della Grancia: La Storia Bandita
  • Cinespettacolo della Grancia: La Storia Bandita
The Grancia Cinespettacolo, La Storia Bandita, is a show that represents the history of the bandits of Lucania and is staged in the large natural amphitheater of the park of the Grancia Park. Actors, dancers, knights, projectors, multicast music, lights, water screen with film screenings, great images and impressive pyrotechnics, create a multimedia art event unique in Italy that blends the most modern forms of representation (theater, cinema, musicals, dance), resulting in an hour and ten of emotions.

It’s the story of the riots and outbreaks of Southern peasant , lived through the tragic events of the family Crocco . The period of the Neapolitan revolution, the long march of Cardinal Ruffo, the reemergence and brigandage post-unification are seen with the eyes of the lower classes : re-emerge from the folds of memory reasons, expectations and desires that gave rise to the revolt of the peasants . Before the court of history, Carmine Crocco Donatelli and the robbers take over the word. Certainly not to say one final , and who could ... but at least with the hope of seeing reopen the process.

La Storia Bandita is a transposition in key lyric and epic of the desire for redemption of a people. A hymn to love and freedom against the arrogance and abuse of power.

The historical and cultural tradition of a whole community is told with great skill in an extraordinary show where cinema, musicals, theater intersect on a scene of 20,000 square meters.

The spectacular scenic effects created by both nature - art arouse strong emotions. In this enchanting setting you can also attend concerts and performances at international level that help promote a natural area of great charm. In addition, a typical market presents a variety of typical objects reviving colors, flavors and sounds of a hundred years ago.