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Matera 2019

Gallipoli Cognato Piccole Dolomiti Lucane Park

The Gallipoli Cognato Piccole Dolomiti Lucane Park extends over 27,000 hectares in the heart of Basilicata and includes the municipalities of Accettura, Calciano and Oliveto Lucano in the province of Matera, and Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa in the province of Potenza. In these towns of the Park is celebrated every year the ancient tradition of May, an arboreal rite survived in Basilicata.

The park protects a large area in the center of Basilicata preserving important natural values, historical and ethno-anthropological: the forest of Gallipoli Cognato extended over 4,200 hectares, the forest of Montepiano formed by imposing specimens of oak, Mediterranean scrub with residues nuclei of oak, the Lucanian Dolomites consist of sandstone with profiles that dominate the fascinating countries of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, the remains of the fortification work of the city built in the fourth century. BC the summit of Mount Croccia.
The rivers that cross the territory creates an incisive erosive action which, combined with the widespread presence of tectonic lineations give rise to the deep gorges that characterize some parts of the Basento and Salandrella valley.

The forest of Gallipoli Cognato is the undisputed reign of helichrysum, of the cysts, and heather tree whose root was once sought for the manufacture of pipes. Locations in the vicinity Palace, currently the core services of the Gallipoli Cognato Park the cedars, vegetative dominant species of this area, taking behaviors majestic interspersed here and there with specimens of hornbeam, maple, hornbeam.

In the plan elevation of the turkey, but with less extensive distribution, grows farnetto, especially prevalent at Mount Croccia. Localized is the presence of lime which, in the most inaccessible, grows vigorously and renews itself relatively quickly.
The Park has an extensive network of trails designed to meet the needs of both experienced hikers, both the lovers of easy walks to experience direct contact with uncontaminated nature.

The core services of the Park is placed in the locality Palazzo, along the road that connects the junction of Campomaggiore on Basentana (SS 407) whith the town of Accettura. This is also the starting point for many tours and excursions as well as the educational and recreational activities in the park.