La Dimora dei Cavalieri
Agriturismo - Restaurant
Contrada Tataseppe, 1
85010 Vaglio Basilicata (PZ)

Tel. +39 340 3745730

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Matera 2019


The cuisine of the Agriturismo La Dimora dei Cavalieri is the typical Lucan cuisine, based on natural ingredients grown on the farm, prepared in dishes that follow the most ancient traditions of this land. Our dishes are part of the Mediterranean diet, recently recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO.
Chef Anna Sollazzo with the help of Roberta, Carmelina, Ninuccia, Mary, Teresa and Uncle Vincent are pleased to excite you by offering:

Cozon (calzone): rustic with ricotta and sausage

scialatiell o sugo: homemade pasta with meat sauce

lagh’n and cic’r: homemade pasta with chickpeas

strasc’naricch e fasul: homemade pasta with beans Sarconi

strasc’nar cardoncelli e asparagi

lagh’n and miccul

fagiolin acc’ e patate

coz’ncidd: ravioli with ricotta home

rucc’l pe’la pomm’rora: focaccia with tomato

strasc’nar e rape

ain’ o forn: roast lamb with parsley and garlic

m’glitidd: rolls with lamb entrails

suffritt: fried lamb entrails

mushrooms with smoked cheese and sausage baked

The Lucan Pancakes, desserts and creams are prepared by Rosaria Ricciuti.

Needless to say, the true soul of the kitchen is still the tireless Grandma Mary, who organizes the work of all employees, offers traditional recipes, prepare all the liqueurs necessary for the digestion of our hearty lunch.

The table service is guaranteed by Filippo Santangelo.