La Dimora dei Cavalieri
Agriturismo - Restaurant
Contrada Tataseppe, 1
85010 Vaglio Basilicata (PZ)

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Vaglio Basilicata

La Dimora dei Cavalieri is located in the Municipality of Vaglio Basilicata (2,320 inhabitants at 954 meters above sea level) in the province of Potenza.

Ancient feud belonged to several lords who have alternated in power since ’200 after the ancient settlement was destroyed by the Angevins. It is a few kilometers from the regional capital which apparently had its ancient origins in the Neolithic own in Serra di Vaglio. Even today Vaglio retains much of its ancient spontaneous architecture. The Mother Church: dedicated to St. Peter is a sixteenth century and preserves in its interior works such as the Madonna of the Rosary (1582) and The Holy Family (1580), made by the artist Antonio Stable. Behind the high altar you can admire an interesting carved at the bottom of which there is a nativity De Laurentis dating back to the first three years of the 1600s. The former Convent of Sant’Antonio Abate with the adjoining single-nave church altar shows a sculpture of the saint of the seventeenth century and some paintings of 1600 by Francesco Paterno and Attilio De Laurentis .

Inside emerge polychrome six altars and the pulpit, the choir and the monastic grateful . Interesting is the main facade of the Church and the portal of 1636. The Church of San Donato: Small but charming stone building built in 1553, contains in its interior a statue of the saint of the sixteenth century and a carved altar from 1587.

At Serra di Vaglio: which is around 4 km from the town were found the remains of an indigenous settlement dating back to a period between the X and the third century BC. Here, in addition to foundations of ancient dwellings is visible a fortification constructed with blocks of dry stone about 7 km long (VI century BC.) While in the most downstream were found some burials belonged to nobles and warriors as evidenced by the fibulae, jewelry and women’s hairstyles as well as the armor edges for horses. In the surrondings of Vaglio, in the village of Macchia di Rossano, was found a monumental sacred complex of the fourth century BC. dedicated to the goddess Mephitis. In this temple, as well as religious practices were also held functions of a political and social, which covered many indigenous peoples of the area.

Most of the excavations at Serra di Vaglio and Rossano began only around the middle of the last century and in the opinion of experts, it seems that much is still to be discovered. Vaglio Basilicata is definitely one of the most important centers in Basilicata from archaeological point of view and there are many scholars (including foreig ) interested in this great cultural heritage.
The City
Its old name is the Land of Balio and the first evidence dates back to the second half of 1200 when it was destroyed by the troops Angioine. It was later owned by different feudal families

What to visit
The Cathedral Church of St. Paul the Apostle dates back to 1400 (it holds the body of San Faustino Martyr, patron of the town)
The former Convent of St. Anthony with a pregievole wooden portal dating back to 1636 with the Church (the church contains paintings and frescoes of 1600).
The beautiful fountain of the nineteenth century (in the main square).
The Palace Tamburrino with medieval characteristics with built fortified gate.
The Church of San Donato (stone house) was built in 1553 (an altar carved in wood of the Stable).
The rural church of Our Lady of Rossano rebuilt in 800 (retains a stone sculpture of the XV-XVI centuries (Location stain Rossano).
Excavations of Serra di Vaglio (continue on Provincial Road Ciscarelle) where there was a native settlement and Rossano, sanctuary of the goddess Mephitis dating back to the IV century BC.
In an area rich in water sources (the town is enclosed in a mighty fortification walls almost Km 4 long and formed by large blocks of stone dry). The tombs dating from the end of the sixth century BC. where were found armor and trappings for horses, women’s jewelry, jewelry and buckles (perhaps the tomb of a princess about seven years) (Location Braida).


La Dimora dei Cavalieri
Contrada Tataseppe, 1
85010 Vaglio Basilicata

Tel. +39 340 3745730